Keto Paleo Granola

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NEW PACKAGING! - Still exactly the same favourite recipe of our Paleo Powerfood, just beautiful new packaging!

Paleo Power – Crafted for Ketogenic Diets

22% Premium macadamia nuts high in good fats

  • FATS+
  • Plant Based Protein
  • Gluten Free
  • Low Sugar
  • Our classic Paleo Powerfood with a fresh new look

Brookfarm co-founder Pam Brook developed this product to help a friend’s fight against cancer, because her friend couldn’t find a true Keto product that was super high in good fats, whilst being low in sugars. Packed (22%) with macadamia nuts (high in good fats!) and other awesome nuts, seeds and spices, then toasted in macadamia oil (also high in good fats!) and low in sugars, this product, formerly known as Brookfarm Powerfood, is the perfect companion to ketogenic living.

Ingredients: Macadamias (22%), almonds, coconut (20%), flaxseed, pecans, pumpkin kernels, macadamia oil, natural vanilla extract, cinnamon.

Contains tree nuts.

Keto | Paleo | Vegan | Gluten Free

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