Brookfarm - “It starts on the family farm…”

A simple sentence yet rich with meaning and it’s time we explore further the meaning of this with you.

Since foundation, Brookfarm’s mission in creating quality, nutritious products has always been complemented by its active role in sustainability, protecting the environment and engaging with communities.

Soon you’ll notice your favourite Brookfarm product will include a set of symbols on each pack. These symbols are fundamental to Brookfarm. They inform every decision made and each direction we take.

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The Beerenberg story

People always ask us “why is it that Beerenberg strawberries taste so good?  They’re so sweet and juicy and full of flavour.”

We tell them, that’s no accident.  It’s a story of risk, hard work and a long-term commitment.

Almost 200 years ago, our ancestors, George and Anna Paech and their young family embarked on a courageous journey from their home in German-speaking Prussia to South Australia, a land they knew little about, on the other side of the world.

They were willing to take the risk because they dreamed of a happy life here, free to farm and build prosperous and healthy lives for themselves and for future generations.

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